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WIG30 Notowania, skład indeksu i wyniki spółek

Notowania WIG20 rozpoczęły się w kwietniu 1994 roku, blisko miesiąc po osiągnięciu szczytu pierwszej hossy przez WIG, i po 4 dniach WIG20 osiągnął szczyt notowań przy poziomie 1350 punktów. W ciągu tych 4 dni miał miejsce też rekordowy w całej historii WIG20 jednodniowy wzrost, kiedy to 21 kwietnia zanotował wzrost …leggi tutto

What Is a Work Order? 6 Steps for The Perfect Work Order

One small error in the process has the potential to send disruptive ripple effects throughout the rest of the workflow. Digital transformation can bring significant changes to retail operations. Below, dive into the intricacies of this type of digital transformation, how to facilitate it, and how it benefits retail businesses. …leggi tutto

eToro Crypto Review 2024

Arguably the most exciting feature of eToro’s trading app is the ability to automatically copy successful traders’ trades using the platform’s social trading feature. For U.S. customers, stock and ETF trading is offered via eToro USA Securities, which is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). However, trading …leggi tutto

Volatility: Meaning In Finance and How it Works with Stocks

For similar reasons, even in the UK the DAX (Germany 40) is often more popular with traders than the FTSE 100, which Is around 55% smaller and tends to be considerably less volatile. Compare the Dow (Wall Street), currently trading at around 23,000, with the S&P 500 (US 500) at …leggi tutto

WestRock WRK Stock Price, News & Analysis

Stock buyback plans are often an indication that the company’s board of directors believes its shares are undervalued. 7 Wall Street research analysts have issued 1-year price objectives for WestRock’s stock. Their WRK share price targets range from $32.00 to $48.00. On average, they expect the company’s stock price to …leggi tutto

Gap Trading Strategies

Common gaps happen more regularly and do not always need a reason to occur. Also, common gaps tend to get filled, whereas other gaps may signal a reversal or continuation of a trend. In the center, we see a bearish exhaustion gap, indicating that the move higher is running out …leggi tutto

An Introduction To Trading Silver Futures

Today there are many different trading platforms that give us opportunities to invest in silver without actually owning the physical asset. As of June 2022, Silver (Trading code XAG) trades at $21.69 per ounce. The record trading price of silver was $48.70 which was reached towards the end of the …leggi tutto


You can invest in the Nikkei by purchasing shares of individual companies in the index, buying a Nikkei index fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF), or trading futures and options contracts based on the Nikkei. The broader Nikkei 500 includes 500 companies, providing a more comprehensive picture of the Japanese economy. …leggi tutto